Forge hardening peg hammer “ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer” Black Handle Short

The long-time selling ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer is now available in a short black handle version!
It is recommended for children and for campers who want to keep their belongings compact!
The wooden handle of the short version is 70mm shorter than usual.
There is no change in the forged part and the head part.
We have devised the bend shape so that the short wooden handle fits firmly in the hand. Ease of handling is the same as the normal one!

A forging hammer in which the round steel material is heated to bright red until it reaches about 1100°C and the material is crushed at once with a force as powerful as about 1 ton.
The entire peg hammer is quenched, resulting in a hard, strong body that is hard and unbendable.
Two types of body coating are available.
Either chrome plating, which has excellent rust-preventing performance and is shiny and corrosion-resistant in the air, or cationic electrodeposition coating, which can withstand salt spray for more than 1,000 hours.
Two types of heads are also available.
One is made of brass, which is moderately strong and gradually darkens over time, and the change can be enjoyed. This darkening is an oxide film, so it can be expected to prevent rust.
The other is made of stainless steel, and its greatest feature is its resistance to rust. It is moderately strong and does not easily damage pegs or objects.
The wooden handle is made of natural wood, and a flowing curve is used for the wooden handle. Compared to a straight handle, the handle is slightly angled at the wrist when striking a peg, making it easier to strike and more forceful.
Manufactured in the Tsubame-Sanjo area of Niigata Prefecture, which excels in metalworking.

Our elisse stakes are fixed firmly to the ground, but you can easily pull them out by inserting the horn part and turning it more than 90° and pulling it upward.
Please note that the string may change.

*Note: To pull out a peg, insert another peg or an Ultimate Hammer into the hole, turn it 90°, and raise it vertically in the direction the peg is stuck to make it easier to pull out! When pulling out a peg, please be careful not to pull out the peg by lowering the hammer and putting your weight on it like the principle of leverage, as this may cause the handle of the hammer to break or the metal fittings to float.


Total length: 230mm
Head: 102mm
Weight: 547g
├ Body: Iron + cation coating or iron + chrome plating
├ Head: Brass or stainless steel
└ Handle: Kashi (oak), urethane coating

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