Forging Peg ELLISSE STAKE Color Powder Coating 18cm/28cm/38cm

Heat the stainless steel stick material up to 1,100 Degrees C, then press it with 1 ton of power to make its cross-section an oval shape. The oval shape prevents the peg to turn easily in the ground and makes it rigidly fixed. When it is turned 90 degrees in the ground, there will be a gap between it and the ground and it can be pulled out easily.
High-visibility color peg on the grass and gravel.

* The product shown in the photo is the 28cm version.
* Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
* The color of the product may look different depending on the PC environment you are using.


Size / Weight:
├ Length / 184mm
├ Weight / about 77g (per one)
├ Head / 10×12mm (elliptical shape)
└ Hammering Part / thickness 6×7mm
├ Length / 280mm
├ Weight / about 190g (per one)
├ Head / 13×17mm (elliptical shape)
└ Hammering Part / thickness 9×7mm
├ Length / 380mm
├ Weight / about 346g (per one)
├ Head / 13×16mm (elliptical shape)
└ Hammering Part / thickness 9.5×11mm
Material: S55C Steal
Painting: Cationic electrodeposition coating + powder coating
Manufacturing: Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture


Red : 4937769075801
White : 4937769075917
Blue : 4937769075900
Yellow : 4937769076389
Pink : 4937769075924
Purple : 4937769000261
Orange : 4937769076402
* Each color is a set of 8 pieces of 28cm.

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