Online Stores


MURANOKAJIYA is run by ourselves, handling attractive special service, items and limited items such as YURU-CAMP. Please check it out.


It sells a number of products and the monthly sale and campaign are attractive. For the customer collecting R point, please use Shopping Marathon.


It sells a massive number of products starting from Tsubame-Sanjo products.
Rapid delivery service for Amazon Prime Members. A good shopping website for people want to take a time to choose and people need the product immediately.


It sells a variety of products and the one of attractive services, widely-used point payment and cashless payment such as T-point or PayPay is acceptable.

auPAY Market

It sells the original products of MURANOKAJIYA mainly and the seleced camping goods. It’s a highly recommended store for au mobile users. auPAY Market, is affiliated with KDDI, has the satisfactory collaboration service with au. Points depending on the previous month’s mobile bill are given at the beginning of the month and au users can use them for shopping.

It is for customers who use a d-card or d-account. The e-commerce site also offers special promotions such as 10x d-points on the 10th and 20th of every month.

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