Original pizza oven 26cm

Just heat it up on a cassette stove! Even a simple commercial pizza will have a stone oven baked finish.

Simply place a pizza on a round net in the preheated pizza oven body, cover it with the lid, and heat it up to make it crispy and crunchy as if it were baked in a stone oven.
The secret is new ceramics, the material used in the pizza oven.
The high far-infrared radiation rate bakes the food from the core. The pizza is placed on a round mesh and baked in an empty state, so that moisture is not trapped in the dough, resulting in a crispy finish.
The baking process is satisfactory not only for chilled or frozen commercial pizzas, but also for homemade pizzas.
New Ceramics has a high thermal shock resistance temperature of 700°C, making it safe to use against cracks and damages caused by cooking without heat.

・It can be used not only for outdoor activities, but also for pizza, smoked food, bread, ceramic plate baking, baked potato, baked fish, etc. at home.
・It can be used even under severe conditions.
・Gas, open flame, charcoal, oven, and microwave oven OK!
・Thermal shock resistant! Thermal shock resistance temperature difference of 700°C
・Excellent far-infrared radiation for great taste!
・A temperature sensor was placed inside the pizza oven to measure the temperature inside the oven.
 Heat source is a cassette stove with medium heat.
 5 minutes: 111.5°C
 10 minutes: 161.2°C
 15 minutes: 181.4°C
 20 minutes: 201.0°C
 The longer it takes, the higher the temperature inside the kiln.

Even better, it comes with recipes.
A pizza recipe with 10 different toppings on handmade pizza dough and a collection of smoked and baked potato recipes are included.
Recently popular smoked dishes can also be prepared. Cheese, sausages, quail eggs, seafood, etc. can be easily smoked in 10 to 20 minutes of heating.
If you try baking a sweet potato, it will be baked slowly, resulting in a sticky, soft, and refined sweet baked potato like a stone baked sweet potato.

A gas stove with a temperature sensor (*) requires a baking pan (sold separately).

*What is a gas stove with a temperature sensor…Gas stoves manufactured since October 2008 are always equipped with a sensor that shuts off the gas or automatically reduces the heat if the temperature of an area in contact with the stove rises to a certain level.


Main body of pot: (approx.) 26 cm (diameter) X 3.5 cm (height)
Round net: (approx.) 22 cm (diameter) X 3 cm (height)
When set: (Approx.) 27 cm (diameter) x 12.5 cm (height)
Pizza size: 8 inches (20 cm)
Weight: (Approx.) 1870g
Material: Heat-resistant ceramics (pot and lid), 18-8 stainless steel (round net)
Manufacture: Pizza Oven Body/Nagasaki Prefecture, Round Stainless Steel Net/Niigata Prefecture



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