Forging Peg ELLISSE STAKE Powder Coating Pastel color Set of 8 18cm/28cm

Elise Stake now available in new colors for 2022!
We have produced a new limited edition of pastel colors with a light color palette!

The Elise Stake has always been available in primary colors that stand out in the field.
However, we have developed this new color in response to a request from our female staff for a cute color that can be taken to a small day camp or picnic.
We decided to develop this new color based on the requests of our female staff!

Limited quantities available.

Forged pegs are made by heating the round steel material to bright red until it reaches about 1100°C, and then crushing the cross section into an oval shape at once with a powerful force of about 1 ton.
By applying strong pressure to the heated steel, a peg with superior strength is completed.
Ordinary round bar pegs are not easy to use because the pegs spin around in the ground.
Oval pegs are easy to penetrate even on hard ground mixed with gravel and stones, and they do not spin around in the ground, but hold the peg firmly in place.
In addition, the material is designed to be thicker in the direction of the rope’s pull, so that it will withstand the strain.
The part where the rope touches the ground is trimmed to prevent the rope from being cut by burrs, and great care is taken to prevent the rope from being cut by burrs.

The photo shows the 28cm model.
Product specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
The color of the product may look different depending on your PC environment.


Size / Weight:
├ Length / 184mm
├ Weight / about 79g(per one)
├ Head / 10×12mm(elliptical shape)
└ Hammering Part / thickness 6×7mm
├ Length / 380mm
├ Weight / about346g (per one)
├ Head / 13×16mm (elliptical shape)
└ Hammering Part / thickness 9.5×11mm
Material: S55C Steal
Painting: Cationic electrodeposition coating + powder coating
Manufacturing: Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture


Pastel color 18cm Set of 8:4937769800311
Pastel color 28cm Set of 8:4937769800328

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