LiloSHI × MURANOKAJIYA collaboration, LiloSHI sweet and spicy BBQ sauce for Food Porn cooking

The long-awaited second collaboration product with LiloSHI!!
This sauce is for “Food Porn” cooking supervised by LiloSHI, who has a reputation for making “LiloSHI’s crazy dishes” with his grilled sandwich cooker that are true to his desires.

LiloSHI (リロ氏)
LiloSHI is a hunter wearing Kemomimi (Animal ears headband) and drinker Vtuber active on X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube. He has gained popularity for his simple yet wild recipe videos using a grilled sandwich cooker. He currently has 690,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) and 720,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, and has gained a lot of popularity.
He is the author of “LiloSHI’s Camping Solo Recipes(リロ氏のソロキャンレシピ)” and “LiloSHI’s Really Very Clear Recipes using Grilled Sandwich cooker (リロ氏のホントにとてもくわしいホットサンドメーカーレシピ)” (Makino Shuppan), as well as “LiloSHI’s Ultimate Camping Lunch to gratify his Desire.(リロ氏の欲望に従った限界キャンプ飯)” (KADOKAWA)
Our first collaboration product, “ LiloSHI’s mix spices for Food porn cooking”, has sold over 10,000 bottles in a year since its release.

About our story, LiloSHI x Muranokajiya
The collaboration between LiloSHI and MURANOKAJIYA started with a LiloSHi’s tweet on X (Twitter).
Our company staff is a fan of LiloSHI, and he saw LiloSHI’s tweet about our product, which is ideal for camping solo, and immediately sent a DM to LiloSHI to invite to use our products. LiloSHI’s recipe videos as well as his book, our product of grilled sandwich cooker appeared many times.
We asked for him to cooperate in supervising the production of original spices, the first collaboration product. It has been widely accepted since its launch, and has become a product that can be purchased by a wide range of people.

A versatile sweet and spicy BBQ sauce that took a lot of trial and error
Same as we done the first collaboration, in order to produce the sauce that would suit LiloSHI’s cooking, we made several prototypes and asked LiloSHI to taste them.
After much trial and error of adding ingredients and adjusting the taste, we were able to create a sweet and spicy sauce that goes well with a variety of meats, including beef, pork, and chicken.
In addition to being used as steak sauce or BBQ sauce, it is also delicious as an addition to stir-fried vegetables, stir-fried noodles, or stir-fried rice.

Grated garlic and sauteed onions
Since many of LilloSHI’s dishes have a wild and strong impact, we have blended grated garlic and powderd garlic to match his cuisine. In addition,
we add the sauteed onion to make the taste more sweet and rich.
The flavor of fragrant garlic soy sauce make it a perfect match to any dishes and very addictive!

■The self standing food bag with a spout for easy to carry
We chose a self standing food bag with a spout instead of a bottle to make it easier for LiloSHI, who often works outdoors, to handle it. You don’t have to worry about it breaking, and it comes with spout with cap that makes it easy to carry, so it can be useful for outdoors cooking.

If you have ever made a dish by watching LiloSHI’s recipe video or have been interested in LiloSHI’s Food porn cuisine!
If you love the LiloSHi’s mix spices!
Have a taste this LiloSHI’s food porn cuisine with this sweet and spicy BBQ sauce!!

Product details


High-fructose corn syrup, soy sauce, grated garlic, fermented rice seasoning, miso, etc. sauteed onion, powdered garlic, glucose, salt/amino acid, thickening
*Contains wheat, sesame, soybeans, and apples in part

Contents : 200g
Shelf life : 180 days from manufacture
Storage : Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
*After opening, please store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.
Manufactured in: Niigata Prefecture,Japan.

■Nutrition Facts per 1 bag (100g) estimated value
Energy :161kcal
Protein :3.1g
Fat : 0.7g
Salt equivalent : 5.3g



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