TSBBQ-033 Sakagen × TSBBQ Skeleton Axe

The new series of our original bland TSBBQ, which propose stylish BBQ style, the flat and thin designed skeleton Axe is now on sale!

The commitment is the balance of the weight for multifunctional use.
This axe despite being perfect for wood chop, the skeleton structure of the blade and the handle of the axe make it possible to light weight only 337g!
We aimed at light use feeling to enjoy the bush craft.

Full tang specification allows for stable batoning. Since the handle is integrated, the blade will not shift even when strong force is applied, making it safe.
*Please ensure to strike the back of the blade when batoning. Do not strike the edge of the blade to avoid danger.
The axe is lightweight and compact to use therefore it is easy to make feathering.

The superior sharpness of the blade handmade by craftsmen of the historical flower scissors manufacturer is attractive.
We finalize this axe after many prototype and field experiment again and again.

Please try this useful axe at the outdoor scene with nature and camp fire.

The edge of the machete is designed to minimise chipping or breaking of the blade when batoning.

The idea of the braided paracord design comes from the Japanese sword. The gripend has a well fitted, non-slip grip.

Manufacture : Sakagen

Sakagen is the long historical manufacturing company of scissors for over 120 years. The scissors for horticulture “HAND CREATION” is one of its long-seller item and loved from many people for long time.
The skeleton axe is made by skilled craftsmen one by one, the blade is sharp and durable.

※Please note that product specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
※Please note that the color of the product may look different depending on your PC environment.

Product specifications


Body : Knife steel (Iron) / Case : Leather

Size : Width 40mm (Blade) / Length 270mm / Thickness 6mm / Weight Body 337g, Leather case 76g

Accessories : Leather case, Paracord

Made in Tsubame-Sanjo area JAPAN

JAN 4937769500891

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