Titanium cooker 3-piece set with storage bag

This titanium cooker is light, strong, has no metallic odor, excellent corrosion resistance, and good heat conduction.
It is large enough to hold plenty of food as a small pot, and can be used directly over the fire as a dish or cup. This 3-piece cooker set is ideal for functional outdoor use, taking advantage of the properties of titanium.


Set includes: frying pan, small pot, large pot, storage bag

Frying pan
├ Outside diameter: 14.5 cm × length (including handle): 22.8 cm × height: 2.7 cm
├ Capacity: 320ml
Weight: 62.2g
└ Material: Titanium, Handle (18-8 stainless steel)

Large pot
├ Outer diameter: 13.7 cm × length (including handle): 22 cm × height: 6.3 cm
├ Capacity: 720ml
Weight: 73.2g
└ Material: Titanium, Handle (18-8 stainless steel)

Small pot
├ Outer diameter: 12.5 cm × length (including handle): 20.6 cm × height: 5.7 cm
├ Capacity: 570ml
Weight: 63.6g
└ Material: Titanium, Handle (18-8 stainless steel)

■Storage bag: nylon
Storage size: Outer diameter 14.5 cm x height 6.9 cm
Manufacture: Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture



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