Forged hardened peg hammer “ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer” Black Handle

A chic and cool black-patterned version of the curved peg hammer synonymous with the village blacksmith. 
This peg hammer can securely fasten pegs used for tents and tarps to the ground.

This is a peg hammer that can securely fix the pegs used for tents and tarps to the ground.
This forged hammer is made by heating the round steel material to a bright red color until it reaches about 1100 degrees Celsius, and then crushing the material at once with a powerful force of about one ton. By applying powerful pressure to the heated steel, a peg hammer with superior strength is completed. The entire peg hammer is quenched, resulting in a strong hody that is hard and hard to bend.

Two types of coating are available for the hammer body,
One is black cationic electrodeposition coating that can withstand salt spray for more than 1,000 hours, and the other is chrome plating that has excellent anti-corrosion performance and gloss.Chrome plating is used to minimize corrosion in the atmosphere.

The head is made of brass. (an alloy of copper Cu and zinc Zn.) It is moderately strong and gradually darkens over time, and the change can be enjoyed. This darkening is an oxide film, which can be expected to prevent rust. The wooden handle is made of oak, and the flowing curves are used for the handle.
This product is manufactured in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, which is excellent in metal processing.

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Size: approx. 303 x 102 x 35 mm
Hammer material: S55C forged and hardened, black cation electrodeposition coating or chrome plating coating)
Head material: Brass or stainless steel (SUS304)
Handle material: Kashi (oak), urethane coating
Body weight: Approx. 550g
Manufacture: Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata

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