Aluminum tarp pole, thickness 32mm x length 185-215cm

Strong aluminum pole with Φ32mm diameter and 1.5mm plate thickness.
Material is 6061 aluminum.

Three aluminum poles are connected together, but the pole at the end can be telescoped in four steps.
When 3 poles are connected, the length can be adjusted to 185, 195, 205, and 215 cm (10 cm intervals).

Rubber end locks are standard. It has two holes that can be selected according to the application. When the end locks are used in the vertical position, the rope is less likely to come loose from the pins of the tarp pole poles.

The end locks can also be penetrated for a stronger hold. When the end locks are used horizontally, they can be placed under a tarp or tent in the event of rain, creating an escape route for the wind and rain.。

One storage bag can hold two sets of tarp poles (one set at the top, one set at the middle, and one set at the end).

There is also an intermediate pole (sold separately) that can be connected to the main unit to extend the aforementioned 185 to 215 cm to 245, 255, 265, and 275 cm.

These tarp poles are highly corrosion resistant, strong, and tough.


Aluminum tarp pole (red/black)

Thickness: 32mm
Aluminum thickness: 1.5mm
Material: 6061 aluminum
Length: ├
├ Main body: 185, 195, 205, 215 cm (interval 10 cm)
└ Pole tip pin diameter: Φ7mm
Weight: Approx. 1kg

Intermediate pole

Thickness: 32mm
Aluminum thickness: 1.4mm
Length: 60 cm
Material: 6061 aluminum
Weight: Approx. 250g


Aluminum tarp pole Red: 4937769760363
Aluminum Tarp Pole Black : 4937769760394
Aluminum tarp pole red with storage bag: 4937769760370
Aluminum tarp pole black with storage bag: 4937769760400
Intermediate pole red: 4937769760387
Intermediate pole black: 4937769760417
Rubber cap for aluminum tarp pole: 4937769760424

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