Stainless steel garbage bag holder in sink

Easy to hook up bags in the sink to dispose of food scraps!
Hook up excess plastic bags, plastic bags, or drainable bags.
By wrapping a shallow bag or sack around it and adjusting the height, you can dispose of garbage without it sticking to the bottom of the sink.
It saves space compared to a triangular corner or a trash receptacle fixed in a corner.
Made of rust-resistant 18-8 stainless steel, it can be used for a long time.

■About suction cups
If the surface to which the suction cup is to be attached is uneven or rough, please use the attached auxiliary plate.
Please remove water droplets, oil, and dirt from the surface to which the suction cups and auxiliary board are attached before attaching them.
When attaching, press the suction cups with your fingers or the like sufficiently. If the pressure is not strong enough, the board may come off.
If the sucking power decreases during use: Remove dirt from the suction cups and soak them in hot water (50-60℃) for about 5 minutes before drying. The shape of the suction cup will be restored and the suction will be regenerated to some extent.

■Care Instructions
The body is made of rust-resistant stainless steel. However, if stains containing salt or acid are left on the body, they may cause rust.
 Wash off stains frequently with a soft sponge moistened with dishwashing detergent, and then wipe dry.
Do not leave the product in contact with different types of metal products such as iron or aluminum products. Doing so may cause rusting.
  (If rust does occur, scrub off with a commercially available cream cleanser applied to a soft sponge, rinse well, wipe dry, and let dry.)
Although every effort has been made to treat the edges, please do not use bare hands when cleaning.


Size: approx. 180 mm (width) x 120 mm (height) x 50 mm (depth)
Weight: Approx. 129g (main unit only)
Material: Main body 18-8 stainless steel (surface treatment: powder coating), cushion rubber silicone rubber, suction cup vinyl chloride, auxiliary plate PET
Manufacture: Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan



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