ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer Repair Parts

To prolong the life of your ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer, we sell parts for repair. The parts are the same for both long and short handles.

Replacement Head (with Spring pin・Stick to pull out the pin)

ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer replacement heads are available in two types: stainless steel and brass.
The brass one is moderately strong and gradually darkens over time, which is a pleasant change. This darkening is an oxide film, so it can be expected to prevent rust.
The greatest feature of stainless steel is its resistance to rust. It is moderately strong and does not easily damage pegs or objects.
Please dress it as you like. Spring pin and pin puller are included.


ELLISSE STAKE Strap for Ultimate Hammer and Carving axe.

Spring pin

Spring pin 30mm for ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer.

Set of 2 nails

Set of 2 nails for ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer.

Wood handle replacement service

We can exchange wooden handles for repair of ELLISSE STAKE Ultimate Hammer (long and short handles) and Carving axe.
This is a service where you send us your broken peg hammer for repair at your own expense, instead of shipping the parts from us.
*Please ship the item to the address in the email as soon as you receive the information in this email.

Repairs take approximately one week to 10 days.
We cannot repair anything other than the Elise Stake Ultimate Hammer and Carving Axe that we sell.

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