MURANOKAJIYA×Echigo kamekonya Fujioka Dyeing Factory Collaboration tenugui (hand towel)

Original collaborative hand towel!
Fujioka Dyeing Factory, founded in 1748 in Agano City, Niigata, has maintained a long tradition that has continued for over 260 years.
Fujioka Dyeing Factory produces high quality products by consistently performing the design, pattern making, and dyeing processes in-house.

The design boldly features the village blacksmith and his logo.
Unlike the previous white tenugui, the new version has the double name logo of the village blacksmith and the Echigo-Tortoise Konya.
The navy blue color provides a chic finish!

It can be used for daily life, outdoor activities, as a Japanese towel, as a gift, for wrapping wine, wiping sweat, or anything else.
These soft and fluffy tenugui towels are made by a method that has been used since the Edo period. When used a lot, it can be used as a zokin (dust cloth).

The color may fade or fray due to the handcrafted nature of the product.
Please wash it once before use. The glue will be removed and the product will be fluffy. Please do not mix with other products when washing.
Like denim, the more you use it, the more you can enjoy its unique texture.


Material: cotton
Color: navy blue, white
Size: approx. 100 x 34 cm
Weight: approx. 43g
Manufactured by Fujioka Dyeing Factory, Agano City, Niigata Prefecture

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