Prince Industry×MURANOKAJIYA Slim Peeler/ Julienne Peeler, Matte Black 

■Sharp cutting blade
The blade is as sharp as a real kitchen knife, so you can easily shred and peel vegetables as if you were peeling them.
Daily cooking becomes more enjoyable because you can prepare vegetables without stress.

■Fluorine coating on handle
The surface is coated with fluorine resin.
It is easy to clean after use because it is stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned.

It is also characterized by its resistance to friction and abrasion.
Even after long-term use, the coating does not peel off easily and is highly durable and rust-resistant.

The smooth surface is comfortable to hold.
The matte black appearance is also attractive.

■Handle Shape
A basic shape that fits the hand for ease of use.
The hooks allow it to be hung on the wall for convenient wall storage.

■Manufactured by Prince Industry (Sanjo, Japan)
Prince Kogyo completed the world’s first “Zed can opener” with a “lever” shape, and has continued to produce kitchen tools with ideas and designs in line with the times since then.
The lineup includes useful items that combine smart, lean design with ease of use.
We have produced many kitchen utensils with universal designs that are not influenced by trends.

■ Recommended as a gift
Products are delivered in a box.
Perfect for a small practical gift that will be appreciated by people of all ages!


Blade: Hardened stainless steel
Body: 18-8 stainless steel (fluoroplastic coating)
Size: Width: approx. 65 mm, Length: 123 mm
Weight: 47.5g
Dishwasher safe


Slim peeler : 4937769000643
Julienne peeler : 4937769000650

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