Iron grill plate S size / L size

A cooking griddle in the shape of a round plate.
This grill plate can be used for a wide range of cooking as the oil becomes more familiar as it is used more and more.
Two sizes are available: S size 15.7 cm in diameter and L size 21.5 cm in diameter.

Heat is evenly transferred to the griddle and uneven heating and grilling are reduced, allowing the meat to be well cooked inside.
This allows the meat to be cooked to lock in the flavor of the meat, and the juices can be kept in the meat for a delicious taste.

It can also be used as a hot dish by heating it over a campfire, etc. (*Please be careful not to burn yourself.)

Since there are no handles, freshly prepared food can be served directly to the table by using a pot stand.
The curved, raised rim eliminates the risk of a little oil falling off.

*Please use commercially available pliers, pliers, etc. for the handle.

*Be sure to clean with a mild detergent and perform seasoning before use.

*The black iron coating on the material is formed naturally as a film during the process of iron dropping from high temperature to normal temperature.
In some cases, it may look like scratches or stains, but this is not a defective product.


■S size
Diameter: 157mm
Height: 8mm
Thickness: 3.2mm
Weight: 348g

■L size
Diameter: 215 mm
Height: 10 mm
Thickness: 3.2mm
Weight: 660g

Material: black leather iron
Manufacture: Tsubame-Sanjo


S size:4937769076853
L size:4937769076860

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