TSBBQ-030 Copper Square Pan (Discontinued)

Offering stylish barbecue style, the TSBBQ Series Copper Square Pan is both compact for easy portability and gourmet authentic cooking.
The use of copper for easy heat transfer and excellent thermal efficiency ensures the ideal heat level for outdoor use!
The square shape can be used to cook French toast, dashimaki egg rolls, and approximately 12 dumplings.
Furthermore, we focused on the corner part in the development. We created sharp edges that make it easy to pour hot water, assuming the enjoyment of an after-dinner drink or drip coffee.

The development of this product started from the simple desire of Takenori Yamatani, the president of our company, for a frying pan made of copper that could cook delicious French toast.
Although square cookers are considered “packable” in the outdoors, the difficulty of manufacturing them has been a major reason why square cookers have not appeared very often.
But now, thanks to the technology of Shinkou Kinzoku, which has been producing copper products in Tsubame-Sanjo for many years, this simple and beautiful design has been realized!

Features copper material for excellent heat conduction & thermal efficiency.
With one solid fuel, it is useful for any kind of cooking such as grilling, stir-frying, boiling water, and soup.
Comes with a convenient wooden lid that is useful for steaming. Turn it upside down to use as a cutting board or plate. The legs make it hygienic.

■Sinkou Kinzoku
Established in 1959 for the purpose of manufacturing and selling nonferrous metals. The “COPPER100” brand has earned a first-rate reputation in the industry, both domestically and internationally. Many people may have used copper mugs, as they are used at Komeda Coffee and Hoshino Coffee Shop.
This square shape, which is difficult to manufacture, was realized by Shinko Kinzoku’s advanced technology.

Since the main unit becomes hot during use, use the special handle to carry the product.
Please be sure to check that there is no misalignment and that the product is securely clamped before lifting it.
Since the plating on the baking surface is softer than copper, the plating may peel off after prolonged use, exposing the copper.
However, there is no problem for continuous use.

*Please note that product specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
*The color of the product may look different depending on the customer’s PC environment, etc. Please understand.


Body material: Copper, baked surface plating/nickel
Depth : Approx. 150mm
Weight : Approx. 442g
Width : Approx. 150mm
Height : Approx. 30mm

Dedicated handle : Aluminum 
Depth : Approx. 160mm
Weight : Approx. 85g
Width : Approx. 85mm
Height : Approx. 33mm

Special wooden lid : Spruce
Depth : Approx. 170mm
Weight : approx. 270g
Width : Approx. 166mm
Height : approx. 27mm



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