TSBBQ-004 Hot Sandmaker

This hot sandwich maker can brand the TSBBQ logo on both sides of the hot sandwich.
Just put your favorite ingredients between the bread and bake, and your hot sandwich is ready.
This product is a separate type of hot sandwich maker, so it is easy to wash and clean after detaching. It can also be used on one side only, like a mini frying pan.
It is an item that can be used both outdoors and at home.

* Can be used with gas fire, halogen, radiant, and sheathed heaters.
* Not compatible with induction cookers.


├ Body / Aluminum alloy (with fluorine resin)
└ Handle / Stainless steel, phenolic resin
Weight: 777g
Size: 16 x 37.4 cm
Made in: Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture



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