TSBBQ-020 Outdoor cooking knife case

For the TSBBQ Outdoor cooking Knife, we made a special case to wrap the knife and carry it safely.
By inserting an S-shaped hook or carabiner through the hole in the upper part of the case, you can hang it on the edge of a table, a rope, or some other convenient place. It does not take up much space and can be taken out safely.
Three leather straps for TSBBQ outdoor cooking knives are included.
By hooking a leather strap attached to a kitchen knife to the hook button, you can prevent the sharp edge of the knife from breaking through the case.

*This product is a kitchen knife case and leather strap only. The outdoor knife itself is not included.
*The leather strap is set long, so please adjust and cut it by yourself.


Material :Canvas, leather
Manufacture : Sanjo, Niigata



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