TSBBQ-009 Stainless Steel Mosquito Repellent Holder

Great for BBQ, glamping and other outdoor activities! A well-designed stainless steel mosquito repellent holder.
Most outdoor mosquito traps are made of steel, which rusts and deforms easily, making them unusable the next season.
TSBBQ’s mosquito repellent holder is made of all stainless steel, making it rustproof and strong.
The flat design makes it easy to clean and disassemble, making it easy to maintain.

With the unique press technology of Tsubame-Sanjo, one of Japan’s leading metal processing towns, the main body, wire mesh, and cover can be detached and reattached without the need for fasteners.
It comes with a detachable cover that turns off the mosquito coils just by attaching it. When in use, it can be attached to the back side.
After use, it becomes a lid to prevent ash from spilling.
If you hang your carabiner on the hook, you can carry it hanging from your waist.
It can also be used flat.

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Material: Stainless steel (mirror finish)
* The wire netting does not have a mirror finish.
Weight: approx. 231g
Size: Outer diameter 138mm
Hook hole size: 14mm wide x 8mm long



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