Gingko Cutting Board Case (Compatible with TSBBQ Outdoor Knife and MURANOKAJIYA Stainless Steel Camp Cutlery Set)

This case can hold a cutting board and knife + cutlery set made of the finest Japanese ginkgo wood.

The outside of the case is designed to be used as a cutting board.
The cutting board using the ginkgo tree used by professional cooks is of high quality and can be used for a long time.

■Feature of Ginkgo Cutting Board
The ginkgo tree which is regarded as the material of the highest class in the cutting board.
It is a touch feeling that the chime is fine and smooth.
As a cutting board that can be used for a long time, there are a lot of points of a happy material.

It dries quickly.
It contains oil moderately, and drainage is good.

It is easy to fatigue your arm even if you use it for a long time.
The soft wood texture makes it easy to hit the blade and reduces arm fatigue during cooking.

Food odors do not stick to the blade.
The wood contains flavonoids, a polyphenol ingredient with antioxidant and deodorant properties.

Less warping and warping, and less likely to leave marks.
Ginkgo wood is soft, elastic, and resilient.

It can be resharpened.
If it gets dirty after use, it will last longer if you shave the surface with a cutting board sharpener.

■Commodity for storage
This product is sold only as a case.

TOJIRO×TSBBQ Outdoor Knife Series 1 pc.
 Between santoku knife and petit knife, it is an all-purpose type and can slice without effort.
・Bread knife
 Compact blade with a width slightly longer than that of a loaf of bread.
・Small deba knife (right-handed or left-handed)
 The perfect size for slicing small fish, allowing you to cut freshly caught fish into three pieces on the spot.

・Stainless Steel Camping Cutlery Set 1 set
 Contents: Spoon, fork, knife

■Easy to carry
Easy to open and close with magnet type.
To prevent knives from being dropped, the knife storage groove also has a magnet.
The four corners of the storage surface have a non-slip surface to prevent the cutting board from shifting.

The outdoor knife series made of all stainless steel with excellent sharpness and
The set can be carried in a compact yet practical cutlery set,
Cooking and eating at camps, barbecues, etc. will be fun.

■How to use
Before use, always wet the knife with water, except for cutting dry foods, and then wipe off the water with a cloth before use.
The film of water on the cloth will prevent stains from sticking to it.
Wash as soon as possible after use.
If washed with detergent, rinse well with water.
After washing, wipe off water with a cloth and let dry.

Please open the case with the logo engraved face up.

The grain of the wood varies depending on the product.
Some wood may have knots in it.
Please understand in advance that there are individual differences.


Size (when opened): approx. 340 x 270 x 20 mm
Weight: approx. 849.5 g
Material: Ginkgo biloba wood (from Japan)


Gingko Cutting Board Case (case only): 4937769500846

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