YAMAKATA×MURANOKAJIYA 2WAY Lid for Ringstar Super Basket

The double-sided 2-way design is characterized by convenience and shape design.

It can be used as a lid for a basket that can be opened and closed on the half side.
It can also be used as a table by placing the handle on top of the folded basket.

It is sure to be useful in various everyday situations such as picnics, camping, and BBQs!

The wood processing was handled by Yamazaki Steel Rule Die Co.
Ltd. Yamazaki Steel Rule Die Inc. specializes in dieboard design and manufacturing, and various dieboards are used to make familiar items in daily life.

For example, boxes of sweets, boxes of medicines, boxes of pots, boxes of electric appliances, food trays of frozen foods, food trays, trays of industrial parts, packing of water pipe, base, protective film, etc., etc.
If it is mentioned, all of them are made by using the steel rule die!

For example, we have boxes for candy, pharmaceuticals, pots and pans, electrical appliance boxes, and others, including waterjet processing, wood, resin, and 3-D processing, and this time we had a wooden lid cut and processed.

YAMAKATA, the brand of Yamazaki Steel Rule Die, and the logo of the MURANOKAJIYA are stamped on both sides of one side of the lid.


Lid only
Size: approx. 309 mm x 360 mm
Weight: approx. 952g

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