Kuwano Industries x MURANOKAJIYA Iron stand made with a factory

A playful and rugged iron stand.

It was originally sold only at our actual stores, but due to strong customer demand, we decided to sell it online.

The top board used in the photo is “blanking,” which is sold separately at the actual store!
It is a material after molding pegs and can be used in various ways, such as for a vase or a display, in addition to being used for the iron stand.

Online sales include the iron stand itself and two pieces of blanking as a set.

It is manufactured by Kuwano Kogyo, which boasts of its high welding technology.
They have given it an austere finish.

When fixed with blanking, the height is about 37 cm.
When four pieces are used, it can be used as a simple table.

Incidentally, the top panel can be substituted with 38cm or 48cm pegs!
When fixed with 48cm pegs, the height is about 42cm.

*Please check before purchasing.
Please wear gloves when assembling the product, as it comes with oil to prevent rusting.
Please understand the characteristics of the product in advance.


Iron stand main body
Size: approx. 32 cm (width) X 45 cm (height (diagonal))
Weight (two pieces combined): approx. 4.75 kg

Size: Length approx. 42 cm, width (maximum) approx. 7 cm

Approximate size when installed
Upper width: Max. approx. 30 cm
Leg width: max. approx. 70 cm
Installation height (with blanking): approx. 37 cm
Installation distance of blanking: max. approx. 27 cm



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