Retro Cute Z Can Opener: muranokajiya x Prince Industry

“Z Can Opener” has been produced by Prince Industries (Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture), one of Japan’s leading can opener manufacturers, since its establishment in 1969. Without changing the auspicious “gourd” shape that has remained unchanged since its birth, it has become a long-selling product that has been continuously loved for more than 60 years since its predecessor company.

This Z can opener has been rebranded by muranokajiya .In rebranding, the Z can opener was expanded from two colors to five colors (red, cherry, yellow, blue, and white) without changing its shape, and a new retro package was adopted to evoke the history of the Z can opener.

Retro cute Z can opener is useful in a wide range of situations from home to outdoor use.
Despite its compact shape, it also has a bottle opener and performs two functions in one. Compared to the shelf life of pull-top cans, which is about one and a half years, the shelf life of cans that can be opened with a can opener is said to be about three years.
For examinations, weddings, etc. The shape of the Z can opener imitates a “gourd,” which is a lucky charm, and is ideal as a gift to bring good luck, such as a “happiness opening” gift for a couple getting married.

Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
The color of the product may appear different depending on your PC environment.

Product Specifications

otal length: 6.6 cm
Weight: 30g
Material: Steel
Coating: Powder coating


Red : 4937769000469
Blue : 4937769000483
Yellow : 4937769000490
White : 4937769000476
Pink : 4937769000506
blak : 4937769000605

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