Pure titanium pie plate 18cm / 21cm

Made in Tsubame-Sanjo! 18cm and 21cm pie plates are available and can be stacked for storage.
These pie plates are convenient to have both outdoors and at home. The size is easy to use for food preparation.

Characteristics of Titanium
Titanium is a material suitable for outdoor use, combining the sturdiness of stainless steel with the light weight of aluminum.
It is antibacterial and corrosion resistant, and can be used for a long time because it hardly deteriorates over time.

  1. high corrosion resistance
    Among steel materials, this material has outstanding corrosion resistance and is resistant to acid and corrosion.
    It has extremely high corrosion resistance even in seawater, and is comparable to platinum.
  1. high strength
    High impact strength, more than twice as strong as steel or aluminum.
  1. conductivity
    Low thermal conductivity, which means that it does not conduct heat or electricity.
  1. ultra lightweight
    Unlike many metals, titanium is very light.
  1. Less likely to cause metal allergies
    Titanium easily oxidizes when exposed to air, creating an oxide film on its surface.
    This film does not dissolve when it comes into contact with the skin, making it less likely to cause metal allergies.

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Material: Pure titanium
Outer diameter: 184mm dia.
Height: 16mm
Weight: 55.2g
Manufacture: Tsubame-Sanjo area, Niigata Prefecture


18cm : 4937769077737
21cm : 4937769077720

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