Oze deer project×MURANOKAJIYA Deerskin bear repellent bell

To solve the problem of deer being exterminated in Oze and Minami Aizu Town, we collaborated with Oze Shika Project, which produces and sells deerskin products. These leather goods are made of deerskin.

In recent years, deer have become a serious problem in Minami Aizu Town at the foot of the Oze Mountains. In some years, as many as 2,000 deer a year are exterminated as pests. With radiation and other problems yet to be resolved, most of the deer cannot be used for meat, and most of their lives are still being discarded.
By selling collaborative products, we hope to make users aware of the current situation, and by using deerskin, we hope to utilize the precious lives of these animals as much as possible.

Deerskin leather, which is supple, strong, moist and comfortable in the hand, is perfect for outdoor leather!
This bear repellent bell is used for mountain climbing, gathering wild vegetables, gathering mushrooms, mountain stream fishing, etc. The sound of the bell alerts bears of your presence when you are walking in the mountains. The OZESHIKA Project and the village blacksmith’s logo are engraved on the deerskin.
The carabiner is also made by the village blacksmith.
The carabiner can be attached to the loop of a bag. Ideal for hiking in the mountains.
You can put the tongue inside the bell and hang it in the opposite direction to wear it without sound.

*The leather is made from hunted deerskin and may have rubs and scratches. Please understand this beforehand. Please use it while thinking of “Oze”, a place that symbolizes the protection of nature in Japan.
*Deerskin is soft to the touch and strong, but it shrinks when heated, so please be careful. Please do not keep it too close to a fire.

*Please note that product specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
*The color of the product may look different depending on the customer’s PC environment, etc. Please understand.


Material: Deerskin, alloy (nickel, bronze), aluminum
Size: Total length approx. 10 cm
Leather part manufactured: Minamiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture



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