Shionoya Housei×MURANOKAJIYA Mesh Tote Bag

Collaboration with Shionoya Housei, a sewing processor in Sanjo, Niigata, a town of manufacturing.
A company that takes on the challenge of making everything from nylon, cotton hump, tarpaulin, and thin to thick fabrics, including accessories for metalworking products, storage bags, and leisure goods.

This mesh bag can hold a gun of anything.
Freshly washed dishes, eco-friendly bags, swimsuits, shoes, swimming in the sea, picking wild vegetables, outdoor goods, etc., the uses are endless.
The polypropylene/nylon material makes it lightweight, soft, and water-resistant.


Size: Size: 38 cm (width) X 20 cm (depth) X 30 cm (height) (43 cm to cord)
Mesh hole: 3mm
Weight: 120g
Material: PP, nylon
Manufacture: Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture (Shionoya Housei)



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