Flame retardant blanket

Warm up your autumn/winter camping! Flame-retardant blanket for use in campfire scenes.

Firm fleece material on the surface.
The reverse side is brushed and has a pleasantly fluffy feel.
This blanket is approx. 138 x 78 cm and has moderate fabric thickness.

It has some snap buttons at the top, so it can be used in two ways : wrapped around the waist or draped over the shoulder like a poncho.
It is useful as you can do small tasks while wearing this blanket.

The simple black color makes it easy to use on a daily basis and is ideal for chilly days indoors, in a car, at outdoor festivals, and in many other situations.
The wide pocket can easily fit a mobile phone, a warmer and small items.

Pressed ester polymers on the surface make it difficult for fire sparks to puncture the surface and prevent the flame from spreading.

*Just because the fire does not likely to spread on the fabric does not mean that it is totally undamaging.
*Machine washable, but washing many times may cause the flame-retardant process to fall off.

Product details

The blanket size : approx. 138 x 78 cm
Size when stored in the bag provided : approx. 29 x 40 x 10 cm
Weight : blanket itself approx. 570g
Fabric : 100% polyester + flame retardant press finish
Made in China



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