All steel hand axe carving axe horse axe 500g (Mizuno factory x Masakko Yamaguchi woodworking x MURANOKAJIYA)

Carving axe ideal for chopping wood and making firewood when camping.
The head, which is the core of the hatchet, is made by Mizuno factory with Isao Mizuno, a traditional craftsman.
The curved handle, which is the origin of the name “carving axe,” is made by Mizuno factory, a traditional craftsman.
The curved handle, from which the name “carving axe” is derived, is made by Masako-Yamaguchi Wood Works, which manufactures many wooden handles for farming tools.

【Mizuno factory x Masako Yamaguchi woodworking x MURANOKAJIYA】
This is the ultimate hand axe produced by the triple collaboration!
The wooden handle is laser-engraved by the MURANOKAJIYA, and the flat of the axe is engraved by Mizuno factory.
A leather blade pad and a strap to prevent the blade from falling out when working are also included.

The “best balance” endorsed by Mizuno factory.
The weight of the head, the length of the handle, and the bend of the handle are all exquisitely balanced.

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Size (approx.)
├ Total length 300mm
└ Head length: 110mm
Weight: approx. 615g
Weight of head: approx. 500g
Handle material: oak wood



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