Steaming and Smoking! “Sierra Cup Series” for Gourmet Solo Camping!

Stylish, clever, and compact! “TSBBQ” is a Tsubame-Sanjo outdoor equipment brand that proposes a stylish barbecue style,We will release the Sierra Cup Series for gourmet solo camping on March 10, 2022 (Thursday).

Three new items are recommended for set use. The Sierra Cooker is deep, the Sierra Strainer has a hole in the bottom, and the Sierra Lid can be used as a lid or plate. Combined with the Sierra Cup, which is currently on sale, you can cook fluffy rice without burning, make warm soups, and even try your hand at more luxurious dishes such as steaming and smoking.

This product was created by a team of a village blacksmith (Yamatani Sangyo Co., Ltd.: Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture; President: Takenori Yamatani), which plans and sells the best-selling “TSBBQ Hot Sandwich Maker” that has sold over 80,000 units since its release, and a manufacturer and designer active in Tsubame-Sanjo, one of the leading metal working towns in Japan.

All materials are light and durable stainless steel, and both the cooker and strainer can be used as measuring cups. After cooking, they can be used as tableware as they are, and their edge-less shape makes them hygienic. The four items can also be stacked so they take up less space when carried. Why don’t you enjoy outdoor cooking that you have never tasted before when camping solo?

All items feature no edge-rolling process. They are designed to make it difficult for dirt to accumulate and easy to remove.

The suitable amount at the time of use is about 500㎖. Suitable for cooking and serving instant ramen noodles as well as for solo campers
Fill the cooker with water → Place rice and a cup of water for cooking rice → Cover with lid to cook rice with steam.

Fill the cooker with water or chips → use the strainer as the eyelet → cover with the lid and you have steamed or smoked food.
■”Sierra Cup Series” Product Overview

・ Stainless Steel Sierra Cup    1,430yen(excluding tax)
size: φ120mm×52mm(Handles not included)/weight:87g/capacity:320ml/raw materials:Stainless steel (mirror polished inside)

・Stainless steel shellastrainer   1,386yen(excluding tax)
size: φ120mm×52mm(Handles not included)/weight:85g/raw materials:Stainless steel (mirror polished inside)

・Stainless Steel Shell Cooker 800    2,068yen(excluding tax)
サイズ: φ120mm×100mm(Handles not included)/weight:237g/capacity:800ml/raw materials:Stainless steel (mirror polished inside)

・Stainless steel sierra slid     814yen(excluding tax)
size:φ122mm×8mm/weight:70g/raw materials:Stainless steel (mirror polished inside)

■ Born out of the “TSBBQ Lab” manufacturing project

SNS followers of the “village blacksmith” who enjoys outdoor life are invited as external researchers to jointly develop new products. We collect opinions on how the prototypes feel to use and make improvements based on those opinions to create products from the user’s point of view.

■ What is the “TSBBQ” outdoor brand?  

The cities of Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture are home to some of Japan’s leading metalworking technologies. The skills that have been inherited and refined from the blacksmithing techniques that flourished during the Edo period have earned Tsubame-Sanjo a high reputation worldwide as “Tsubame-Sanjo” manufacturing. TSBBQ” is a brand launched by a village blacksmith (Yamatani Sangyo) together with art director Ryuta Ishikawa and product designer Yu Takahashi, combining such local know-how. The concept is “Try! Stylish BBQ! While the brand name bears the initial “TS” of “Tsubame-Sanjo,” the logo also incorporates a design of a swallow (Tsubame) flying over three lines (Sanjo City) to represent wire mesh, which is indispensable for BBQ.

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