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Outdoor Event Held at Kamogyosei High School

On November 2, 2022, the MURANOKAJIYA hosted an outdoor event as part of a class at Kamo Gyosei High School.
The students were challenged to film this event and create a billboard advertisement for the MURANOKAJIYA shop.
The completed commercial video will actually be shown on electric billboards along the national highway.
About 60 students participated in the event and enjoyed the hands-on outdoor event.

In addition, we were assisted in leading outdoor activities by the “i-nac International Outdoor College for Natural Environment”, the only comprehensive outdoor school in Japan.

Here is what the students experienced at the event
・Setting up tents and tarps
・Chopping firewood
・Making pork miso soup
・Baking bamboo bread
・Baking steamed meat buns
・Coffee drip
・Smoked sausage tasting
The event was full of energy and excitement.

The students were challenged with outdoor activities that high school students are not normally allowed to do, and were able to experience the fun of the outdoors while learning practical skills through the production of a commercial.

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