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  1. 2021.01.24

    Whats New

    Shop Open on Shortened Hours

    Today, January 8th (Friday), heavy snow is forecasted throughout Niigata Prefecture, and Sanjo City is also expected to receive a reasonable amo...

  2. 2020.10.27

    Event Information

    A village blacksmith lands in Kumamoto! We’ll have a stall at the Dainippon Kogei-Ichi!

    Hello! I'm Yamatani, the village blacksmith!The "Dainippon Kogei-Ichi" will be held again in 2020.The theme of this event is 'The Gathering ...

  3. 2020.10.08

    Event Information

    Exhibited at the Tokyo International Gift Show.

    Village Blacksmith in Tokyo International Gift Show!We are exhibiting at the booth of Niigata Industrial Creation Organization.All the produ...

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