Forged Peg Elise Stake 2022 Limited Edition Pastel Color Specs on Sale October 7 in Time for Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Festival!

Mura-no-Kajiya has produced a new limited edition of pastel colors, characterized by their light colors, for its forged peg Elisse Stake. The set will be sold at the EC site “Mura-no-Kajiya Honten” and at the actual store in Sanjo.

■New color added to Elise Stake

Yamatani Industry Co., Ltd.(Headquarters: Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture; President: Takenori Yamatani; EC Site: Mura-no-Kajiya) has developed a limited edition color for its forged peg Elise Stake, which is highly regarded by outdoor users.
The Elise Stake has been available in primary colors that stand out in the field.
However, our female staff wanted a cute neutral color that can be taken to day camps and picnics.
We decided to develop this color based on the requests of our female staff.

Four pastel colors (yellow, green, blue, and pink) are sold in a set of eight pegs of two each. When viewed as individual pegs, the neutral pastel colors are less impressive than the clear primary colors, but the set of four colors gives a colorful impression to the tent site.
The pegs are colored gray by cationic electrodeposition, which has excellent anti-corrosion performance, and then powder coated on top.

Available in two sizes, 18 cm and 28 cm, each size is limited to 500 sets and will be sold exclusively through the EC site “Mura no Kajiya Honten” and the actual store “Mura no Kajiya SHOP”.

Sales will begin on October 7 (Fri.) in conjunction with the “Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Festival” to be held in the vicinity of our company’s location.

■Tsubame-Sanjo What is the Festival of Factories?

The Tsubame-Sanjo Industrial Festival is an event where visitors can tour and experience metalworking, blacksmithing, printing, agriculture, and other manufacturing sites in Sanjo City, Tsubame City, and surrounding areas in Niigata Prefecture.
This year, 82 sites will be open to the public under the theme of “Beyond KOUBA! Three days to break away from the festival to a sacred place”.

Our company will participate on 10/7 (Fri.) 10:00-17:00 and 10/8 (Sat.) 10:00-16:00.

Colorfully decorate your tent site with these pastel-colored pegs, limited to 500 of each size!

■Product Details


Total length: 184mm
Head part: oval 10 x 12mm
Hitting section: Thickness 6 x 7mm
Weight: approx. 79g x 8 pcs.
Material S55C steel
Coating: Powder coating pastel color + cationic coating
Production: Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture


Total length: 280mm
Head part: oval 13 x 17mm
Hitting section: Thickness 9 x 7mm
Weight approx. 192g x 8 pcs.
Material S55C steel
Coating Powder coating pastel color + cationic coating
Production Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture

・Sales page of the main blacksmith store in the village (Sales will start on October 7, 2012)

Forged pegs elisse stake 18cm / set of 8 pastel color powder coated<MK-180PC×8>

Forged pegs elisse stake 28cm / set of 8 pastel color powder coated<MK-280PC×8>

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